Hello! Welcome to the Complete Guide to Archery. My name is Matt, and I run the site.

I love archery, and I decided I wanted to start an online community around the topic. I'm not the best archer in the world---I'm probably not even the best archer at my range---and I'm not a coach. But I am pretty passionate about the sport, and I certainly love writing about it.

One of my primary goals for the site is to get people excited about archery. I love the sport, and I want to share my enthusiasm.

Also, though, I also want to make it easier to get started as an archer. There seem to be a lot of websites about the topic, but none that really help you start as a novice and build your skills. Archery can be complicated---and the deeper you go, the more complicated it gets---and many people get turned away because it can difficult to get the knack of things. To help you out, I have:‚Äč

  • A set of "Commandments" that you should follow whenever you've got a bow in your hand, and I add new Commandments from time to time;
  • A "How To" series about the draw, that offers suggestions as you go through each step of shooting an arrow;
  • A series of posts on how to choose a bow (and related equipment), especially if you're new to the sport;
  • Product reviews and explanations on how to use various types of gear; and
  • "Lifestyle"-type posts where I write about archery-related topics. These aren't useful, really, but I enjoy writing them.

If you're a beginner, I'm thrilled you're here---hopefully the site can give you a solid footing to get started, and help you develop your skills and knowledge.

If you're an expert, I'm also thrilled you're here---be sure to share your knowledge in the "Comments" sections in posts, and encourage the newbies.

Lastly---be sure to leave some comments! I love hearing from folks all over the world. We're all here to learn from each other and support one another.

All the Best to You,