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Always Be Careful at the Range

This is another “Well, obviously”-type Commandment, but it’s important, so I’m mentioning it:COMMANDMENT: BE CAREFUL AT THE RANGE, BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE SHOOTING BOWS AND ARROWS THERE.​Safety is pretty important, but it’s a pretty easy thing to forget, especially if you go to the range once a week or more. After a while, the archery range […]

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Always Practice Good Form

This may seem like another no-brainer, but it’s actually really important, so I’m making it a Commandment:COMMANDMENT: ALWAYS EXERCISE GOOD ARCHERY FORM.You may be asking, why would I *not* practice good form? Well, in my experience, there are main two reasons:1. You got lazy. And… there’s no shame in that! Not much shame, anyway. You […]

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Wear Appropriate Archery Clothing

Hooray! We’re almost done with the Commandments! I think that’s the case, at least. Anyway, here’s the next Commandment:COMMANDMENT #6: ALWAYS WEAR ARCHERY-APPROPRIATE CLOTHING.”What do I wear?” is a very common question for many new archers. Most ranges and competitions have specific rules about what you can wear, but here are some general guidelines that […]

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Never Shoot a Damaged Arrow

This is an important one, and one that gets overlooked:COMMANDMENT #5: DON’T EVER SHOOT A CRACKED ARROWIf you remember in Commandment #1, we talked about the folly of dry firing: how it does damage to your bow, but also how it’s dangerous, because the parts of the bow can fracture, fly off, and hit you […]

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Always Use a Bow Stringer

This is another Commandment that has to do with your safety, and the safety of those around you. It’s not as serious as the first couple of Commandments (which include “Never Dry Fire a Bow” and “Never Aim at Something You Don’t Want to Hit”) but it’s important nonetheless:COMMANDMENT #4: ALWAYS USE A BOW STRINGER […]

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