Hello! Welcome to The Complete Guide to Archery, est.2017 . We're a bunch of life-long archers who are passionate about the sport, and we want to share that enthusiasm with others.

There seem to be a lot of websites about archery, but none that really help you start as a novice and build your skills. Archery can be complicated—and the deeper you go, the more complicated it gets—and many people get turned away because it can difficult to get the knack of things. To help you out, we have:

  • A set of "Commandments" that you should follow whenever you've got a bow in your hand, and we add new Commandments from time to time;
  • A "How To" series about the draw, that offers suggestions as you go through each step of shooting an arrow;
  • A series of posts on how to choose a bow (and related equipment), especially if you're new to the sport;
  • Product reviews and explanations on how to use various types of gear; and
  • "Lifestyle"-type posts where we write about archery-related topics. These aren't useful, really, but we enjoy writing them.

If you're a beginner, we're thrilled you're here—hopefully the site can give you a solid footing to get started, and help you develop your skills and knowledge.

If you're an expert, we're also thrilled you're here—be sure to share your knowledge in the "Comments" sections in posts, and encourage the newbies.

Meet the Team


With almost 20 years of archery experience under his belt, Gregory founded the Complete Guide to Archery website in 2019. His purpose has been to spread knowledge about the hobby and sport to anyone willing to learn. 


Relatively new to the archery scene is Anthony. He has been involved in the sport for almost 3 years now. Since he is so new he gives a very relatable spin on how beginners can get involved and improve their  archery technique.


Ultra competitive is one way to describe Fiona. She's been involved in archery since she was a child and enjoys casually practicing as well as entering in tournament play. Fiona will be providing content on how to get involved in the competitive side of the hobby and can provide tons of info on honing your skills.