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Bear Super Kodiak Review

 It’s an odd thing reviewing a high-end, well-made, traditional recurve bow, because it almost becomes feature-less. If it does everything right, there’s not much to say about it! That’s *almost* the case with the Bear Super Kodiak. It’s one of the oldest American traditional recurves, and in many ways, it set the model for what American […]

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Bear Sonoma Recurve Review

 The Sonoma is a really interesting model, and we’re thrilled to write about it. High-end recurves like the Sonoma tend to have a lot in common with other high-end recurves, but the Sonoma doesn’t—in fact, it features far fewer features than other takedown bows, and that makes it something of an oddity. It’s still a great […]

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Bear Grizzly Recurve Review

 Bear Archery is a long and fabled company—and we’ll talk about that below—but how does their Grizzly Recurve hold up? It featured its last design change in 1964, if you can believe it, so how does it compare to other high-end, one-piece bows that you’ll find manufactured today? We’ll go over all that below, and talk […]

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PSE Razorback Review

 Recurve bows can be a little puzzling, because they look pretty simple—after all, it’s just two limbs, a riser (handle), and a bow string—but there’s actually a lot of “hidden features,” and not all bows are created equal. Choosing the right bow can be difficult, and that’s especially true if you’re new to archery. In the […]

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