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Glossary of Archery Terminology

Table of Contents 1Anchor Point2Arbalest3Archer4Archer’s Paradox5Archery6The Archery Trade Association (ATA)7Arm Guard8Arrow9Arrowhead10Arrow Rest11Arrowsmith12Ascham13ATA (Axle-to-Axle)14Ballista15Bodkin Point16Bolt17Bow18Bowfishing19Bowhunter20Bowhunting21Bowman22Bowstring23Bowyer24Brace Height25Bracer26Bracing27Broadhead28Bullseye29Butt30Button31Cable32Cam33Cast34Clicker35Clout Archery36Cock Feather37Composite Bow38Compound Bow39Crossbow40Dampener41Decurve Bow42Draw43Draw Length44Draw Weight45Dry Firing46Dry Loosing47Dry Shooting48End49English Longbow50Feet Per Second51Field Archery52Field Tip53Finger Tab54Fistmele55Flatbow56Fletcher57Fletching58Flex59Flu-Flu Arrow60Footed Arrow61Gakgung62Game63Glove64Grabbing Points65Grain66Grip67Gungdo68Gungsul69Head70Hen Feather71Horse Archer72Horse Archery73Hybrid Bow74Index Feather75International Bowhunting Organization76Judo Point77Kisser78Kyūdō79Laminated Bow80Let-off81Limb82Loosing83Longbow84Longrod85Mongolian Draw86Mounted Archer87Mounted Archery88Nock89Nocking Point90Overdrawing91Plunger92Point93Practice Tip94Quarrel95Quiver96Recurve Bow97Reflex Bow98Release99Releasing100Rest101Riser102Run Archery103Safety Point104Scope105Self Bow106Serving107Shaft 108Shaft Feather109Shedao110Shortbow111Sight112Sighting In113Siper114Spine115Stabilizer116Stave117Stringing118Stringer119Target120Target […]

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Never Dry Fire Your Bow

If you’ve ever been to the range, you’ve probably heard this multiple times, from multiple people:“Never, ever dry fire your bow.” It may seem like a bit much, and the people reminding you about it may seem like worry-warts, but dry fires are actually really dangerous, and there’s a reason why people get so panicky about […]

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Always Be Careful at the Range

This is another “Well, obviously”-type Commandment, but it’s important, so I’m mentioning it:COMMANDMENT: BE CAREFUL AT THE RANGE, BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE SHOOTING BOWS AND ARROWS THERE.Safety is pretty important, but it’s a pretty easy thing to forget, especially if you go to the range once a week or more. After a while, the archery range […]

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Always Practice Good Form

This may seem like another no-brainer, but it’s actually really important, so I’m making it a Commandment:COMMANDMENT: ALWAYS EXERCISE GOOD ARCHERY FORM.You may be asking, why would I *not* practice good form? Well, in my experience, there are main two reasons:1. You got lazy. And… there’s no shame in that! Not much shame, anyway. You […]

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