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Never Dry Fire Your Bow

If you’ve ever been to the range, you’ve probably heard this multiple times, from multiple people:“Never, ever dry fire your bow.” It may seem like a bit much, and the people reminding you about it may seem like worry-warts, but dry fires are actually really dangerous, and there’s a reason why people get so panicky about […]

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Always Be Careful at the Range

This is another “Well, obviously”-type Commandment, but it’s important, so I’m mentioning it:COMMANDMENT: BE CAREFUL AT THE RANGE, BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE SHOOTING BOWS AND ARROWS THERE.​Safety is pretty important, but it’s a pretty easy thing to forget, especially if you go to the range once a week or more. After a while, the archery range […]

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Always Practice Good Form

This may seem like another no-brainer, but it’s actually really important, so I’m making it a Commandment:COMMANDMENT: ALWAYS EXERCISE GOOD ARCHERY FORM.You may be asking, why would I *not* practice good form? Well, in my experience, there are main two reasons:1. You got lazy. And… there’s no shame in that! Not much shame, anyway. You […]

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Wear Appropriate Archery Clothing

Hooray! We’re almost done with the Commandments! I think that’s the case, at least. Anyway, here’s the next Commandment:COMMANDMENT #6: ALWAYS WEAR ARCHERY-APPROPRIATE CLOTHING.”What do I wear?” is a very common question for many new archers. Most ranges and competitions have specific rules about what you can wear, but here are some general guidelines that […]

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