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TenPoint Crossbows Reviewed

Since 1994, TenPoint has been one of the leaders in the crossbow industry, pushing the limits of specs and patenting features that give you an edge on the hunt. We love TenPoint crossbows so much that we decided to dig up the three best TenPoint hunting packages out there on the market. Below you can see […]

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The Diamond Edge 320 vs SB1: Which is Right for You?

We’re big fans of Diamond bows, and we’ve seen a lot of people get into archery using their bows. There’s one issue, however, we’ve seen come up a few times: which of the two high-end Diamond bows is better. The Diamond Edge 320 vs SB1—which comes out on top? Let’s take a look.The Diamond Line: An […]

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Diamond Edge 320 Specs

The Diamond Edge 320 is one of Diamond’s premiere bows, and it’s got some very unique features. The Bowtech Binary Cam System is one of the most important aspects of this bow, and it’s often overlooked—partially because people seem to be most interested in Diamond’s most popular bow, which is the Infinite Edge. And that’s a […]

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Our Diamond Edge 320 Review

Here we’ll discuss the Diamond Edge 320. We’ll tell you what we like, what we don’t like, and give you a “wrap up” summary at the bottom. It’s an interesting and unique bow—and it’s designed to outperform Diamond’s most popular bow, which would be the Infinite Edge—and there’s more to it than meets the eye, […]

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