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Analysis of Your Shot

In the last step (Step #9), we discussed the follow-through motion your body should have after you release the arrow: your string hand should fall back a little, your chest should open a little bit, and your back muscles should contract a little bit. The top of the bow may come forward a little bit, […]

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How to Release Your Arrow

Welcome, gang! This is Step #9 in our “How to Shoot Your Bow and Arrow” series. In this step, we’ll discuss the method of releasing your arrow. If you’d like to see all the steps in the sequence, jump back to the “How to Shoot Your Bow and Arrow” post. One quick note: in the post […]

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How to Aim a Bow and Arrow

Welcome! This is Step #8 in our “How to Shoot a Bow and Arrow” lesson. This is it—the big step! AIM! (If you want to see a list of all the steps, click right over here). When you’re aiming, you’ve got two main options: aim using a bow sight, or do some instinctive shooting (that is, […]

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How to Draw Your Bow

When you pull the bow string back, that’s called “the draw.” When you’re pulling the bow string back, you’re “drawing.” It’s Step #6 of shooting an arrow, and it’s one of the most active—and detail-heavy—parts of the shot sequence. (And, by the way—if you need to see all 10 steps, you can check out my overview […]

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