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Diamond Edge SB-1 Specs

The Edge SB-1 ranks among Diamond's elite bows, and there's a lot to like here—it straddles that gap between “mass market bow” and “higher-end bow” very nicely—and some of the details are actually pretty unique.

So below, we’ll quickly go over the Diamond Edge SB-1 specs. If you’d like more detail, feel free to jump over to our full Edge SB-1 review, where we discuss each of the specs in-depth.

Draw Length: 15 to 30 Inches

This is a pretty common draw length for recreational / bowhunting bows in this range, but the important thing to note about the draw length is that 1) it's adjustable, so you can dial it down to 15 inches for younger archers and dial it up for adult archers, and 2) it's designed to be *easy* to adjust. With the SB-1, Diamond made changing the draw length a lot simpler than previous models (and you can see here for details on how to adjust it).

Draw Weight: 7 to 70 Pounds

That's a very wide range, good for just about everyone from kids (7 pounds is on the *very* low side of things) to adults who are shooting for fun but also bowhunting (70 pounds is enough for just about all North American big game). Again, not only is that a wide range, but Diamond made the method of adjustment easier than it had in previous bows. Check out their video on how to adjust the draw weight.

Mass Weight: 3.6 pounds

Very decent, and comparably to bows in this range. There are plenty of lighter bows out there (and believe it or not, the Diamond Infinite Edge is lighter, at 3.2 pounds), but 3.6 is still relatively light.

Axle-to-Axle: 31 Inches

Bows like the SB-1 try to find that perfect balance with an axle-to-axle length that's long enough to provide the bow with some stability, but squat enough so that it's easy to handle / maneuver / carry through the woods on a hunt. 31 inches is juuuuuust about in that "well-balanced" range where the bow is short enough to maneuver, but without losing too much stability. The "right" axle-to-axle length—especially for bowhunters—tends to be a very personalized choice.

Brace Height: 7 Inches

Brace height is related to axle-to-axle, with higher brace heights providing a little more "give" (they're believed to cover some efficiencies in your shot) but shoot slower arrows. 7 inches is pretty typical for a high-performance bow in this range.

Effective Let-off 80%

A let-off of 80% is very good—definitely better than many bows in this range. It's not amazing, but it's only on higher-end bows that you tend to see let-offs of more than 80%. The Edge 320, for instance, has a let-off of 85%, and that's probably the stand-out feature of the bow.

IBO Speed: 318 FPS

This is another great spec on the bow, and 318 is definitely getting up there. To get higher, you either have to invest in a higher-end luxury bow, or make the jump to a crossbow.

And there you have it! While the big feature of the SB-1 is the ability to adjust the bow, it's also got some pretty decent specs, and "spec-that's-not-a-spec-but-should-be" here is the cam system. The SB-1 was Diamond's first bow to utilize Bowtech's Synchronized Binary Cam system, designed to create a smooth, efficient draw cycle. Technically that's not a specification but should definitely be mentioned. All-in-all, solid specs on a solid bow.

We hope that helps—have fun, and be safe!

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