Missouri Archery Season

Missouri archery season has one of the most exciting hunting seasons in the United States. From whitetail to pheasants and coyotes, archers have a bevy of options.

missouri archery season

Missouri (MO) Archery Season, 2022-2023

The deer in the "Show-Me State" are some of the country's biggest specimens, and hunters tend to overlook the experience offered by the landscape and diverse wildlife in the state. Hunters can plan their trip across 2 million acres of public land, hosting over 1.3 million whitetails.

When does Archery Season Start in MO?

Missouri Deer Seasons

  • Archery September 15-November 11 / November 23-January 15

*Season dates vary by region.

Missouri Turkey Seasons

  • Fall Archery September 15-November 11 / November 23-January 15

  • Spring Youth Hunt TBD

  • Spring General Season TBD

*Missouri releases spring turkey hunting dates in December of the prior year.

Missouri Small Game Seasons

  • Squirrel May 28-February 15

  • Groundhog May 9-December 15

  • Coyote January 1-December 31

  • Crow November 1-March 3

  • Dove September 1-November 29

  • Fox November 15-January 31

  • Opossum November 15-January 31

  • Pheasant November 1-January 15

  • Quail November 10-January 15

  • Woodcock October 15-November 28

  • Sora and Virginia Rail September 1-November 9

*Season dates vary by region.

What are the Legal Hunting Hours in Missouri?

Hunting times are from 30-minutes before sunrise to 30-minutes after sunset. Hunters must report turkey or deer harvests by 10 pm before processing the animal on the day of harvest.

Hunting Licenses and Permits in MO

You can obtain your hunting license through the Missouri Department of Conservation's mobile app, or you have the option of buying your permits online. Visit the Missouri Department of Conservation website.

Missouri Resident

Residents are defined as individuals residing in Missouri for more than 30 days. Students and active-duty military members living in Missouri are considered residents. All Missouri residents aged 16 to 64 must have the correct resident hunting permit for the species.


All Missouri non-residents must have the correct non-resident hunting permit for the species.

Youth Hunting Permit

Missouri residents aged 15 or younger can hunt wildlife without a permit (except deer or turkey) with a hunter education card. Youths without the card must hunt alongside a licensed adult hunter. The adult must have a valid hunter education card. Non-residents aged 6 to 15 can purchase permits for specific wildlife species.

Senior Hunting Permit

Missouri residents aged 65 or older do not need a permit to hunt wildlife (except turkey or deer).

Disability Permit

Missouri doesn't offer hunting licenses specifically for disabled persons.

Military and Veteran Permit

Active-duty military personnel stationed in Missouri can purchase resident hunting permits. Active-duty military members stationed elsewhere can buy resident hunting permits on leave. The Military Reduced Cost Permit for small game is available for Missouri residents on active duty in the reserve forces or National Guard.

Migratory Waterfowl Requirements

Hunters aged 16 or older can buy a Missouri Migratory Bird Hunting Permit and Federal Duck Stamp for hunting migratory birds. Additionally, hunters must have proof of participation in the Harvest Information Program (HIP).

License Expirations

Licenses are valid for use from the date of purchase to March of the following year.

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