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Nevada archery season offers hunters towering alpine peaks and endless swaths of public land for hunting different big and small game species. The “Battle Born State” is mostly desert, but the Sierra Nevada Mountain range runs along the western California border providing an alpine climate featuring forests and refuges.

nevada archery season

Nevada (NV) Archery Season, 2022-2023

There are plenty of game species in Northern Nevada, with massive amounts of public Land to plan your hunting trip. Roam the Nevada hills and desert with 48 million acres of public Land available. More than 86% of Nevada is federally owned Land. Plan your next hunting adventure now.

When does Archery Season Start in NV?

Nevada Antelope Seasons

  • General Season August 22-October 4*

*Season dates vary by region and horn length.

Nevada Bighorn Sheep Seasons

  • General Season September 15-January 1*

*Season dates vary by region. Hunts require in-person check-in for verification.

Nevada Mountain Goat Seasons

  • General Season September 1-October 31

Hunts are limited based on region. The number of harvested mountain goats is determined by the Nevada Wildlife Commission regarding herd size.

Nevada Elk Seasons

  • General Season September 17-January 1*

*Season dates vary by region. The number of harvested elk varies by zone.

Nevada Mule Deer Seasons

  • General Season August 10-January 1*

*Season dates vary by region.

Nevada Black Bear Seasons

  • General Season September 15-December 1 (until harvest limit)

Nevada black bear seasons dates are flexible based on bears harvested. Residents and non-residents have quotas. Hunters must participate in hunting courses where they receive tags after completing the course.

Nevada Wild Turkey Seasons

  • Fall General Season October 1-30*

  • Spring General Season March 25-May 7*

*Season dates vary by zone and require approved applications. Hunting dates vary by region and residency status.

Nevada Small Game Seasons

  • Pheasant November 1-30

  • Sage Grouse September 24-October 2*

  • Crow September 1-November 17 / March 1-April 15

  • Quail October 15-February 5

  • RabbitNovember 1-February 28

  • Chukar and Hungarian Partridge October 15-February 5

*Season dates vary by region. Nevada offers alternative seasons for youth hunts.

What are the Legal Hunting Hours in Nevada?

Authorized hunting hours start 30-minutes before sunrise to 30-minutes after sunset. Where the commission doesn’t set a time, hunting game mammals or birds is unlawful except between sunrise and sunset.

Hunting Licenses and Permits in NV

Hunters can visit the Nevada Department of Wildlife website for more details about purchasing hunting permits and licenses.

Nevada Residents

A Nevada resident is a person who has lived in the state permanently for six months. All residents aged 12 or older must have a hunting license.


Non-residents aged 12 or over must purchase a Habitat Management & Access Validation and Habitat Stamp.

Youth Hunting Licenses

Nevada residents and non-residents under 12 cannot hunt big game. Youths aged 12 to 15 may buy a Junior Hunting License. Residents aged 16 to 17 can buy a Pre-Adult Hunting License. Non-residents, age 17 or under, can buy a non-resident Pre-Adult Hunting License.

Senior Hunting Licenses

Nevada residents aged 65 or older can buy a reduced-fee license for five years or more.

Disability Licenses

Physical disabilities qualify for the Severe Disability Hunting License.

Veteran and Military Licenses

Active-duty military personnel stationed in Nevada can buy a resident hunting license. Additionally, active-duty military personnel that is Nevada residents but stationed in other states don’t need to buy a hunting license while on leave.

Nevada residents on active duty are eligible for free Game-Hunting and Fishing Licenses for a year following their return to the state. Resident veterans with a 50% service-connected disability are eligible for reduced Game-Hunting and Fishing Licenses.

Migratory Waterfowl Requirements

Hunters aged 16 or older must buy a Nevada Migratory Bird Permit and Federal Duck Stamp when hunting migratory waterfowl. The permit is proof of participation in the Harvest Information Program (HIP).

License Expiration

Nevada hunting licenses are valid for a year from the date of purchase.

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