Vermont Archery Season

Vermont Archery season provides excellent hunting opportunities in the Northeast United States. It might lack the diverse exotic animals found in other states, but hunters have ample opportunities for deer, bear, moose, and small game.

vermont archery season

Vermont (VT) Archery Season, 2022-2023

The "Green Mountain State" had breathtaking landscapes and ample hunting seasons. Vermont's Wildlife Management is dedicated to leading Vermont to be the first state to develop constitutional hunting rights for its residents. Plan your hunting trip using the state's government-issued mobile hunting app.

When does Archery Season Start in VT?

Vermont Deer Seasons

  • Archery October 1-December 15

  • Youth Weekend October 22-23

  • Novice Weekend October 22-23

  • November Regular November 12-27

Vermont hunters may bag four deer per year. Youth and novice hunters can bag two legal bucks and four deer. Antler restrictions don't apply to young hunters on Youth Deer Weekend.

Vermont Black Bear Seasons

  • Early Season September 1-November 11

  • Late Season November 12-20

Vermont has an abundant black bear population. Vermont requires Early Bear Season tags for hunting the early season. Hunters can harvest one bear per year, and using bait is illegal. Dog hunts are legal if the hunter has a dog permit and uses a maximum of six dogs in the hunt.

Vermont Moose Seasons

  • Archery October 1-7

  • General Season October 15-20

Moose hunting is available through a permit lottery. Residents and non-residents can apply. Fees vary depending on resident status. Non-resident permits are more difficult to acquire.

Vermont Turkey Seasons

  • Fall Archery October 1-21

*Season dates vary by region. Vermont has ample turkey populations, with flocks of more than 100 turkeys in a single location. Dates may vary by zone.

Vermont Small Game Seasons

  • Gray Squirrel September 1-December 31

  • Rabbit and Hare September 24-March 12

  • Ruffed Grouse September 24-December 31

  • Quail and Partridge Open Season

Vermont bag totals and licenses vary by lottery and region.

What are the Legal Hunting Hours in Vermont?

Legal hunting hours start 30-minutes before sunrise to 30-minutes after sunset.

Hunting Licenses and Permits in VT

Visit the Vermont Fish, Wildlife & Parks website for more details on purchasing your hunting licenses and permits.

Vermont Residents

A resident is a person who has lived in the state permanently for 180 days. All residents must have a Hunting License.


Non-residents must purchase a hunting license to hunt legally in the state.

Youth Hunting Licenses

Vermont residents and non-residents aged 12 to 17 are eligible for a reduced-fee hunting license. Residents and non-residents aged 10 to 17 qualify for participation in the Apprentice Youth Program.

Senior Hunting Licenses

Vermont residents aged 62 or older can buy a reduced-fee license.

Disability Licenses

Vermont offers a free, permanent hunting or combination license for disabled individuals.

Veteran and Military Licenses

Active-duty military personnel stationed in Vermont can purchase hunting licenses at the resident rates. In addition, Vermont residents who are military members stationed in other states for 120 days or longer can apply for free hunting licenses while on leave. Resident veterans with a 60% service-connected disability are eligible for a free, permanent license. Non-resident veterans qualify for a free one-year license.

Migratory Waterfowl Licenses

Hunters aged 16 or older must buy a Vermont Migratory Bird Permit and Federal Duck Stamp when hunting migratory waterfowl. The permit is proof of participation in the Harvest Information Program (HIP).

License Expiration

Vermont hunting licenses are valid until December 31 of each year. Vermont residents and non-residents can purchase a lifetime hunting license, provided they've lived in the state for more than 6 months.

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