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There are plenty of hunting opportunities during Kansas archery season. You can choose species like antelope, deer, elk, turkey, and small game. Kansas hosts several hunting programs, such as the Sportsmen Assisting Disable Sportsmen program, pairing disabled individuals with hunters and outdoor field partners.

kansas archery season

Kansas (KS) Archery Season, 2022-2023

The Kansas Walk-in Hunting Access Program permits private landowners to open their property for public hunting. Deer hunters can enjoy the Hunter Referral Program, allowing landowners to open their land for public hunting. This strategy leaves hunters with plenty of options for planning their trip.

When does Archery Season Start in KS?

Kansas Deer Seasons

  • Archery September 12-December 31
  • General Youth and Disability Hunt September 3-11
  • Pre-Rut Antlerless Deer October 8-10

*Season dates vary by region. Whitetail-only seasons change by unit. Several deer seasons vary in length and are specifically for military areas.

Kansas Elk Seasons

  • General Season August 1-March 15*

*Hunting is permitted only in specific areas. The season is segmented into 3-month periods. Dates vary for hunting seasons in the Fort Riley region. Visit the official website of the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks for more information.

Kansas Antelope Seasons

  • Archery September 24-October 2 / October 15-31

Kansas Turkey Seasons

  • Fall General Season October 1-November 10
  • Spring Archery Season April 3-11
  • Spring General Season April 12-May 31
  • Spring Youth and Disability Hunt Season April 1-11

Kansas Small Game Seasons

  • Bullfrog July 1-October 31
  • Crow November 10-March 10
  • Rabbit Open Season
  • Squirrel June 1-February 28

Special seasons, bag limits, and hunting regulations vary based on region, season, and animal. Visit the official website of the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks for more information on seasonal specifics.

What are the Legal Hunting Hours in Kansas?

Hunting is allowed from 30-minutes before sunrise to 30-minutes before sunset. Important considerations include bowhunters prohibited from using electronic devices that control arrow flight.

Permitted devices include lighted dots, pins, or holo sights. These devices include illuminated rangefinders, nocks, video cameras, and location devices operating on range-finding equipment.

Arrows must have broadhead points that can’t pass through a ring when hunting turkeys and big game. Non-broadhead arrows are not permitted for harvesting wild turkeys. Hunters may not use devices dispensing chemicals to take big game.

Check with authorities on the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Park’s website if you’re taking these devices to Kansas for a hunt.

Hunting Licenses and Permits in KS

You can visit the official website of the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks to buy your hunting license. Check-in or out of public land facilities and secure your annual hunting license. All Kansas residents aged 16 to 74 must purchase a resident hunting license.

Nonresident hunters of all ages must purchase a nonresident hunting license. All annual hunting licenses are available online, through licensed agents, or by calling 1-833-587-2164. Licenses expire a year from the date of purchase. Lifetime licenses are available.

Annual licenses provide hunters with reduced fees and are available as combination fishing and hunting licenses. Youth hunters can access a Kansas Kids’ Lifetime Hunting and Fishing License.

Check out our guide 30+ Hunting Rules to Keep You Safe while bowhunting in the wild.

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