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With almost 20 years of archery experience under his belt, Gregory founded the Complete Guide to Archery website in 2019. His purpose has been to spread knowledge about the hobby and sport to anyone willing to learn.

TenPoint Crossbows Reviewed

Since 1994, TenPoint has been one of the leaders in the crossbow industry, pushing the limits of specs and patenting features that give you an edge on the hunt. We love TenPoint crossbows so much that we decided to dig up the three best TenPoint hunting packages out there on the market. Below you can see […]

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All Types of Crossbows

So you’ve decided on purchasing a crossbow, only to find out there are several types of unique crossbows. Lets go over each type of crossbow and their benefits:Recurve Crossbows Repeating crossbows are primarily the domain of archery enthusiasts and serious hobbyists, not bowhunters. Modern repeating crossbows sometimes use other mechanisms like bolt actions to fire […]

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Single Pin Vs Multi Pin Bow Sight

Image credit to buckwithbow.comAfter you have decided on your bow, next comes the decision of your accessories. A bow sight is incredibly useful for bowhunting. Allow us to help you make a decision:A Quick Definition of TermsUniversals (Found on Both Single Pin and Multi Pin Sights)MountsA sight can be mounted to the rocker in one […]

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Shortbow vs Longbow

What would be your medieval weapon of choice? The longbow that defined English military culture and made the nation one of Europe’s greatest powers? Or the shortbow that made the Mongol cavalry feared from China to Europe and helped create the largest empire in history?Longbows and shortbows both have their advantages and disadvantages. To understand […]

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Recurve vs Compound Crossbows

There are so many crossbow options. Lets narrow down those choices! Recurve vs compound crossbows. We break down the differences and which works best for you.Recurve CrossbowsOverview—What It Is, and What Makes It UniqueRecurve crossbows are the most basic type of crossbow. They feature two limbs mounted horizontally on a stock and barrel. They get […]

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