Archery Infographic: Why Archery is the Greatest Activity of All Time

So, perhaps we’re biased, but… we believe fully, and without competition, that archery is the greatest activity that we as human beings can be a part of. From all of us regular folk up to world-famous celebrities, archery is IT.

To the end, we’ve put together the following infographic detailing just a few of the reasons why archery is so fantastic.

We actually had about two dozen more reasons why archery is such a wonderful pastime, but they didn’t fit in the graphic we made, so we’ll include them in a follow-up diagram we’ll publish later.

If you run an archery website, camp website, or hobby blog, and you’d like to use this infographic on your site, please feel free to do so! Just hop over to our “Contact” page first and drop us a line, and we’ll put together a quick paragraph or two that you can use in your blog post.

As always, be safe, and happy shooting!

—The Complete Guide to Archery crew
Gregory Johnson

With almost 20 years of archery experience under his belt, Gregory founded the Complete Guide to Archery website in 2019. His purpose has been to spread knowledge about the hobby and sport to anyone willing to learn.