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10 Life Lessons Archery Has Taught Me

One of the aspects of archery I love most is that it’s one of those sports where you can take what you’ve learned, and apply it to the rest of your life. There are so many valuable life lessons you glean from archery, and so many ways to apply those lessons, that the activity itself […]

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Archery Facts: Celebrity Edition

Welcome to the latest installment of our “facts about archery” series! Here, we’ll talk about famous folks who love to bowsling. Archery isn’t just for us regular folks who like to go to the range together, and everyone from actors to athletes loves to shoot some arrows. We’ll start with one of our personal heroes:Captain […]

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If I Go to the Range, Will I Be the Only Woman There?

No way! Archery, as perhaps the most worthwhile pastime known to humans, is wildly popular among women, and getting more and more popular with women every year. In this post, I’ll take a closer look at women in the archery world, discuss some facts and statistics about female archers, and help you get a feel if […]

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Archery is About Building Relationships

By CTB, Contributor I’m a pretty lucky guy, because I have a father who I would describe as a “wise old man.” (He’d be happy to hear me describe him as “wise,” and probably not so happy to hear me describe him as “old.”) He’s always said, “Life is about relationships,” and I think that’s true. […]

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