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Diamond Atomic Youth Bow Specs

The Diamond Atomic has changed very little over the past ten years, and while you probably want to see a little "updating" when you look at adult bows, it's just fine when youth bows stay the same year-after-year. That's the case here—the Atomic Youth Bow specs may not have changed too dramatically, but that's probably a good thing!

Here's a run-down, and—if we could make a suggestion—take all these with a grain of salt. Honestly, we look at the specs on a kids' bow a little differently than we look at the specs on an adult bow. Whereas you need a lot of different features on an adult bow, all you really need to see on a kids bow is that 1) it's easily adjustable, and 2) it fits them (and that's where the adjustability factor comes in, because kids can grow pretty quickly).

Brace Height: 6 inches

Bows with longer brace heights are usually more accurate, but this is a kids' bow, so it's pretty small, so the brace height can only get so high. 6 inches is pretty decent.

Axle-to-Axle Length: 24 inches

Ditto—the bow is small, so the axle-to-axle length will be small.

Draw Length: 12 to 24 inches

This is where the Atomic stands out—because it's an adjustable bow, you can vary the draw length from 12 inches to 24 inches. That's a good range, and that means it's good for kids up to about 5-feet tall—right about the time they're ready for a more grown-up bow.

Draw Weight: 6 to 29 pounds

This is the other feature that really makes the Atomic stand out. You can vary the draw weight from 6 to 29 inches, which is right about the range at which a youth will shoot. And, because it's adjustable, you can up the poundage as they get older and stronger. And, by the way—29 pounds is not too shabby. We know some adults who happily shoot with a draw weight of 29 pounds!

IBO Speed: 191 Feet per Second

This doesn't really matter too much—FPS is more important if you're going bowhunting, and this is not a hunting bow.

Mass Weight: 1.9 pounds

This is another feature we like a lot. Adult bows can get heavy—the lighter ones are about 3 pounds, and even those can weigh you down after a few minutes of practice—so it's nice to see a nice, light option for our younger archers.

Let-off: 80%

This is actually fantastic, and 80% is pretty fantastic even for a high-end adult bow. A high let-off is included so that kids will be a little more comfortable at full draw, and that can also be a safety feature—kids who aren't straining at full draw may be less likely to let off an arrow by mistake.

All in all, these features add up to what is, in our opinion, a fantastic bow for kids and youths. As they say on the Diamond website, this isn't the bow you had at camp as a kid, and that's certainly true of our experience—in retrospect, the bows we had as kids were awful! There's a lot of care and design put into the Atomic, and we consider it one of the top performers for bows in the "Youth" category.

We give the Diamond Atomic a "thumbs up," and if you'd like to read more, you can check out our Diamond Atomic Youth Bow review.