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Archery is About Building Relationships

By CTB, ContributorI’m a pretty lucky guy, because I have a father who I would describe as a “wise old man.” (He’d be happy to hear me describe him as “wise,” and probably not so happy to hear me describe him as “old.”) He’s always said, “Life is about relationships,” and I think that’s true. […]

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Archery Forums: Which One Is Right for You?

Archery is a deceptively difficult sport. At first it seems easy: after your first trip to the range, you’ve probably hit the target a couple times, and you’re just about certain that you’re going to be bringing home gold from the next Olympic games. After that—it gets a little more difficult!Once the thrill of your […]

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Archery for Beginners: How to Get Started

If you’d like to get into archery as a hobby but you have no idea where to begin, I totally understand where you’re coming from: when I started, I felt totally overwhelmed. I was excited to grab a bow and start shooting, but I was confused by all the terms and equipment and specifications. I […]

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