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An In-Depth Chat with Paul of Arrowhead Equipment: Eating Well on a Hike, How to Get Your Kids Involved in Camping, and the Majesty of the Grand Canyon

We learn something new in every interview we do, and with that in mind, we’re happy to present our discussion with Paul of Arrowhead Equipment. Paul was incredibly generous with his time, and talked in-depth about a range of topics, from how to get your kids involved in camping and outdoor adventures, to the benefits […]

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A Discussion with Enlightened Equipment About the Three Pieces of Gear Every Hunter/Camper Needs, The Unique Advantages of Camping Quilts, and Finding Efficiencies for New Equipment

With summer right around the corner—and with many bowhunters taking overnight trips to scout locations on our public lands—we’ve been giving a lot of thought lately to GEAR. In particular, we’ve been thinking about transporting it, and how to do so in a way that doesn’t bog you down or exhaust you. If you’ve ever trekked […]

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A Discussion with Alex Shirley-Smith of Tentsile: Return of the Jedi, Pygmy Rhinos in Sumatra, and an Entirely New Experience of the Forest

Welcome, readers! Today we’re truly excited to share our most recent interview, with architect and business owner Alex-Shirley Smith. Alex is the founder and lead of Tentsile, a company that is re-creating our experience of the outdoors by manufacturing a line of eco-friendly tree tents and hammocks. Tree tents, themselves, are pretty fascinating, and they offer […]

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