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How to Choose a Crossbow (2023 update)

Table of Contents 1Compound vs Recurve Crossbows2Speed and Power3Power Stroke and Draw Weight4Size and Weight5Noise6Scope7Types of Triggers8Safety Features9Assembly and Takedown10Accessories11What to Look for in a Hunting Crossbow12What to Look for in a Recreational Crossbow One of the biggest challenges to getting into bowhunting is simply choosing a crossbow. There are many different options to take […]

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Shortbow vs Longbow

What would be your medieval weapon of choice? The longbow that defined English military culture and made the nation one of Europe’s greatest powers? Or the shortbow that made the Mongol cavalry feared from China to Europe and helped create the largest empire in history?Longbows and shortbows both have their advantages and disadvantages. To understand […]

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How to Choose Arrows: A Guide (2023 update)

Most new archers seem to understand the basics about bows—the different types of bows, the parts, the accessories you can add on—but a LOT of new archers are totally baffled when it comes to arrows. And there’s a reason for that—arrows are wildly confusing! They’re totally perplexing to select, and there’s not a lot of clear […]

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All Types of Crossbows

Table of Contents 1The 7 Types of CrossbowsRecurve CrossbowsCompound CrossbowsReverse Draw CrossbowsRifle CrossbowsPistol CrossbowsBullet CrossbowsRepeating Crossbows2The Most Popular Crossbow BrandsRavinBarnettTenPointCenterPointKiller InstinctExcalibur 3Crossbow FAQ If you’re like many of us, you’re interested in crossbows because you checked your state’s hunting season to find that crossbows are allowed during the much longer archery season. Or maybe crossbows just […]

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South Korean Archery

Seoul, South Korea–April 7, 2016. Tourists try their hand at archery, a favorite sport of South Korea.Due to an internal controversy, the South Korean National Team was forced to send their alternate B team to the World Archery Championships in Beijing. They still managed to dominate the competition, taking gold in both men’s and women’s […]

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