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All Types of Crossbows

So you’ve decided on purchasing a crossbow, only to find out there are several types of unique crossbows. Lets go over each type of crossbow and their benefits:Recurve Crossbows Repeating crossbows are primarily the domain of archery enthusiasts and serious hobbyists, not bowhunters. Modern repeating crossbows sometimes use other mechanisms like bolt actions to fire […]

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South Korean Archery

Seoul, South Korea–April 7, 2016. Tourists try their hand at archery, a favorite sport of South Korea.Due to an internal controversy, the South Korean National Team was forced to send their alternate B team to the World Archery Championships in Beijing. They still managed to dominate the competition, taking gold in both men’s and women’s […]

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Shortbow vs Longbow

What would be your medieval weapon of choice? The longbow that defined English military culture and made the nation one of Europe’s greatest powers? Or the shortbow that made the Mongol cavalry feared from China to Europe and helped create the largest empire in history?Longbows and shortbows both have their advantages and disadvantages. To understand […]

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Recurve vs Compound Crossbows

There are so many crossbow options. Lets narrow down those choices! Recurve vs compound crossbows. We break down the differences and which works best for you.Recurve CrossbowsOverview—What It Is, and What Makes It UniqueRecurve crossbows are the most basic type of crossbow. They feature two limbs mounted horizontally on a stock and barrel. They get […]

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Parts of a Crossbow

Credit to for the awesome graphicBefore diving into the world of bowhunting and archery, its important to learn the parts of a crossbow. We’ve created a quick guide to help you learn the ropes.Anatomy of a CrossbowA crossbow is basically a vertical bow mounted horizontally on a frame. The frame contains mechanisms that hold […]

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