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Don’t Try This at Home: Handstand Edition

Are you familiar with the internet slang, “IANAL”? It’s an abbreviation for “I am not a lawyer,” and people use it when they discuss topics that could end up being legal issue. We want you to remember that abbreviation—well list it again: IANAL—because we’re going to use it a lot in this post. Take a look […]

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People You Meet at the Range, Part I

By Caleb Anderson, Contributor I love the range. There’s one right by my house, and once or twice a week, I’ll go there after work, and hang out with some of the friends I’ve made there. It’s kind of like my own version of Cheers—that old show about a bar where “everybody knows your name.” It’s […]

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Archery Stock Photos are Hilarious

The challenges of running a website about archery are kind of surprising. Finding things to write about isn’t that hard—archery is, maybe, the oldest sport known to man, and there are people all over the world who are passionate about it—and there’s always something new on the horizon to discuss. New products, new gear, new […]

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