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What are the Different Types of Archery Targets?

A bow isn’t much good without something to shoot at, so in this post, we’ll go over the different targets that archers can use, along with some of the pros and cons of each type. After you’ve gone through the post and you know the types of archery targets out there, you can hop over to […]

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The Best Archery Target: Our Reviews (2022 update)

There are a surprising number of archery targets out there, and there are some fantastic companies that specialize in making them. That’s right—there are companies that focus solely on archery targets, and nothing else. It makes sense, if you think about it—archery targets take a beating, and there’s a lot of science behind sturdy targets […]

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Tru Ball Boss X Review

Welcome to another one of our bow release reviews! You know how we review archery gear? Yep: like a boss.  And in this post, we’ll discuss the Tru Ball Boss X, and list what we think are its positives—along with some features you may want to be careful with. Let’s start broad and then get into the […]

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Tru Ball HBC Review

 In this post, we’ll discuss the Tru Ball HBC, which is short for “Honey Bader Claw.” It’s a fascinating bow release—with a great name!—and it’s very popular among target archers and bow hunters who like hinge releases. That said, the features on the HBC aren’t easy to interpret, so if you’re a little confused by the […]

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Tru Fire Edge Review

If you’ve been in the archery / bow hunting game for a while, you’ve probably seen the explosion of bow release options that have become available. That’s a great thing, for sure—but it can make selection a little bit difficult.  So in the post below, we’ll go over a really popular model—the Tru Fire Edge 4-Finger […]

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